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World cup coverage: the usa are world champions


Aug 6, 2021

The New York Times presented the best online presence during the World Cup in Brazil. It was particularly convincing with its graphic gimmicks.

Hiking is Manu’s delight … Image: dpa

One of the best online presences for the World Cup in Brazil can be found in the New York Times. In other words, where, according to widespread European opinion, the greatest soccer expertise should not necessarily be at home. The journalists of the leading quality newspaper in the USA not only prepared the world event in Brazil with news, reports, commentaries and essays.

They scored particularly well in the graphics area: For example, with the presentation of the analysis of which goalkeeper showed the longest distances, the most developed penalty area control and the greatest teammate qualities. The title of the masterpiece: "Manuel Neuer’s Wanderlust. By the way, the most immobile keeper of the World Cup was Alireza Haghigi from Iran.

The New York Times also presented an animated graphic on the relationship between the national team and club teams: With a click, you could see the employers of the respective players and find out that three quarters of all players at the World Cup were playing in Europe.

Special online analyses can also be found on the website – for example, how fan loyalty changed during the tournament: A third of the Brazil supporters from the preliminary round switched their sympathies to Argentina in the semifinals – and from there a large proportion went to Germany for the final. Over the entire tournament, Brazil was by far the most popular team. Shortly before the final, when only two were left, 71 percent of Facebook users liked Germany.

And the newspaper scored points with something like that, too: After Germany’s 7:1 victory over Brazil, the U.S. journalists also presented a specially composed drink: "The German 71": a bit of gin, a bit of lemon juice and syrup – and Riesling sparkling wine takes up the largest share. (taz)

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