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Trial against braunschweig right-winger: he strikes against leftists


Jun 23, 2021

The right-wing Pierre B. beat up pupils and wanted to hurt police officers with head shots. The trial against him has now begun in .

Relying on muscle power: right-winger Pierre B. Photo: Philipp von Ditfurth/dpa

The blue-grey Adidas jacket is too tight for his muscular arms and his bald head can only be guessed at under the stubble. As he enters the courtroom, Pierre B. looks down at the floor. He only glances around briefly after his hand and ankle cuffs have been removed and he is able to take his seat.

He sees a predominantly young audience, with "Kein Mensch ist Illegal" shirts and colorful hair. Behind him sit many police officers and court officials. The 42 seats for the public are taken after half an hour and there are still many people standing in front of the door.

For "security reasons" the main hearing will take place in courtroom 107, the judge announced in advance. The indictment, which prosecutor Meyer reads so quickly that she is almost out of breath, reads accordingly: In February, the defendant threw an employee of the youth organization "Die Falken" to the ground and beat him. Two weeks later, he broke the jaw of a student at the Neue Oberschule and inflicted a concussion on a second student.

In June, he head-butted a female police officer and insulted her and her colleagues. A month later, after the German national soccer team was eliminated from the European Championship, he threw a man to the ground, punched and kicked him during "public viewing." All this he admits.

When the accusations are announced, the 24-year-old does not make a face. He only grins briefly at the word "cop pigs. Afterwards, he will say several times, "I’m sorry." The audience laughs.

The attack on a Falcons employee is quickly dealt with. There is a video showing Pierre B. and his friend Lasse R. attacking the man. The latter had wanted to take a photo of the two after they had stuck two stickers on the windows. He did not remember which stickers they had been. "Something for Germany," Pierre B. said. Photographs of the stickers are available to the court: "Anti-racism is racism against whites," is written on one.

The incident at the Neue Oberschule needs more time. A friend of the accused was allegedly attacked by a "left-wing group" the day before. "That’s why we went to the school, to have a look at them," he says. His friend had recognized persons waiting in front of his apartment, he said. It was not about right-wing stickers or flyers. However, the two were ordered off the property by a teacher. "On the way home, we were then provoked," says B.

Judge Antje Gille

"The trial would not have this scope if the attitude did not play a role"

To be sure, the defendant’s memory is selective on many points. But here he is quite sure: "I was spat at," he says. That and slogans like "Fucking Nazi, fuck off," he says, led him to attack a student. He says, "I felt my honor was violated." Only: no witness can remember that. There had been neither spitting nor political insults.

Five to 15 students – according to different witness statements – had made it clear to the accused and his friend that they were unwanted at the school. "Fuck off" and similar things were certainly said. At some point, B. raced toward the crowd. "After the first blow, I don’t remember anything," says the student, who is also a joint plaintiff. The second student, who rushed to help, says, "The pure aggression of the defendant is what I remember."

The joint plaintiffs attach importance to the fact that the political views of the defendant are also taken into account in the crimes. From "Germany perish" he is provoked, says the defendant. "And that’s what leftists say."

To this, Judge Antje Gille says: "The trial would not have this scope if the attitude did not play a role." And addressing the defendant, "You have gained a certain reputation." A second day of trial is scheduled for December 21.

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