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Reactions to nuclear agreement in iran: singing and dancing in the streets


Jul 7, 2021

Iran’s Revolutionary Leader Khamenei thanks the Iranian negotiating delegation. He remains silent on the content of the agreement. And the citizens? Celebrating.

Joy in Tehran. Photo: dpa

Iran’s Revolutionary Leader Ali Khamenei has welcomed the agreement to settle the Iranian nuclear conflict. Addressing members of the government, he praised the "sincere, militant efforts" of the Iranian negotiating delegation. But so far there has been no comment from his side on the agreement itself.

Also at the meeting, President Hassan Rohani thanked the revolutionary leader for the support he had given the government and the negotiating delegation. He expressed hope that the agreement would "bring a new momentum to the country’s development."

MP Gholamali Jafarsadeh called on critics of the nuclear negotiations, who described themselves as "concerned," to learn from this experience and apologize to the negotiating delegation. In contrast, Masur Arani, a member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, said, "You have to study the agreement and annexes carefully first to judge."

MP Mohammad Dehghan, speaking to Fars Agency, said parliament will closely study the text of the agreement. There will be approval only "if the interests and dignity of the Islamic Republic have been preserved in it," he added.

Iran’s Red Lines

The daily Kayhan, which is considered Khamenei’s mouthpiece, sharply criticized the agreement. It accused the government of crossing important Iranian red lines.

On Tuesday evening, people in the capital Tehran and other major cities across the country poured into the streets dancing and singing. Cars blaring deafening horns and decorated with Iranian flags and flowers blocked the streets. "Rohani, ambassador of peace, thank you, thank you," chanted the participants. But also, "Next agreement, our civil rights," or, "Our message is clear, end of house arrest for Mussavi and Karrubi." The two leaders in the 2009 protests against the re-election of then-President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have been under house arrest without sentence for years.

State television broadcast a live feed of U.S. President Barack Obama’s speech Tuesday. Rohani then delivered a speech to the Iranian people in which he spoke of a "new chapter in history" that "announces that the world’s problems can now be solved more easily." "The agreement is the beginning of a test," he said. If all parties abide by it, mistrust can be reduced step by step."

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