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Column strange and alien: driven out of my home


Jun 16, 2021

Hamburg Airport planes fly low over my house every two to three minutes. One really goes crazy. I would like to have a culprit.

Landing approach to Hamburg Airport: The residents* are directly involved Photo: dpa

I don’t know how to explain to anyone who doesn’t live where I live what it’s like. I’m sitting near Hamburg’s main train station right now, and here I can’t feel a thing. The other day, someone came to visit me and said, "How can you stand it? My girlfriend, who lives not far from me, says she can’t take it anymore. My neighbors, they can’t take it anymore.

Airplanes fly low over my house, every two to three minutes. They fly from very early to very late at night. They fly after 11 p.m., of course. I don’t live at the airport, I live in Hamburg Eilbek. I now leave my home every day to work. I can’t be at home anymore, in this deafening noise, I can’t work and I can’t sleep as long as they fly, as long as these huge things fly low over my house.

I can close the window, but I live in an attic apartment and it’s very hot. If I close the windows anyway, it’s only a little quieter. Because the planes are so loud that you can’t watch a movie, you have to interrupt a conversation, you can’t understand your own word anymore. You really go crazy.

How can they do this to us, I think. I don’t fly, for ecological reasons, I didn’t buy a cheap plot of land at the airport, as many gloating comments say. You bought this cheap land, they say, you chose it that way.

It’s your own fault, that’s the tenor of most comments on most topics anyway. Maybe it’s my own fault, too, somehow. I just don’t know. But I would like to have someone to blame. One I could blame. One I could call names.

In August they fly and fly, they all fly somewhere in August.

Is it you who gets on those planes that are to blame? Is it you who flies on vacation for fifty euros? Is it you who are to blame? Or is it the fault of the airport operators? The airline operators? Are you proud of this inner-city airport? Would you like to stay in my apartment for a week? Would you like to see how people feel when they are flown over for three minutes on approach? My only consolation is that it will end again.

Only due to a runway renewal, the inner-city areas are overflown, exceptionally, that’s what they say anyway, I have inquired. From the last years I know that it will be soon but again, exceptionally.

Especially in the summer, when they all fly, then it will be, exceptionally. In August, they fly and fly, they all fly somewhere every second in August.

There is much more flying than ten years ago.

When I moved into my apartment ten years ago, the problem wasn’t there. I can’t remember. There’s just a lot more flying now. People fly and fly and they all fly over my house. I know, of course, that others have it worse. But is that supposed to comfort me? What the hell kind of life is that?

And then they want to do something. Some measure so they can say they’ve taken care of it. They want to fine airlines that let their planes take off or land too late. They are to pay five hundred euros to the environmental authority. Five hundred euros! The airlines will tremble. I know that the fines were even more ridiculous before, but five hundred euros? Honestly now?

From January to April, there are said to have been 45 takeoffs and 215 landings after 11 pm. Actually, these takeoffs and landings have been prohibited. But this ban has no value, or now it has a value of five hundred euros. It costs five hundred euros to suspend this ban on night flights.

I hope that it will stop again. I hope that this summer will be less bad than the last one and that I won’t lose my mind.

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